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My Dundar Bey. Tekfur Ares sent news. If you are suitable, he wants to come to you and see you. Is appropriate. Come on. I hope it's good. We will see Artuk Bey. We'll see. Emir Hazret, Bahadır Bey came. He went to Rye Obasi. Superb. You are longing with your nephew Aslıhan Hatun. Let it be set up on the horse bed. There are very important things we can do with it. With the arrival of Bahadır Bey, the Anatolian breakfast will change exactly as you wish, sir. The ropes are informally in our hands, Göktuğ. Dündar falls to our quarry today to ask for help tomorrow. At that time, Kayi will be pulled. Let's see Aslıhan. El ya yaman, bey ya yaman? Huu ha! Huu huh! Huu ha! Thankfully, after years ... ... returning with obama and war victory ... I know you have been longing for victory in Nice for many years. I came here to share my victory with all Rye and to win new victories. You can't do anything to me. Simko will ruin you. Do you know how many gold I have? Don't worry, Simko only asked that Turk not be touched. He doesn't care that a miserable, dirty thief like you gets pregnant. Aah! ) For all those innocents who have entered your blood ... ... I will bury you all in the dark! Unlock the slaves too. We'll get out of here, Pito. Come on, come on, come on! Fortunately it is falling on us. We're going to collect the real booty now. Slave trader Simko. So Ertuğrul is in your hands. Quickly send news to Ares with a pigeon. Tell us that we saw Ertuğrul, that the slave trader Simko is in the possession… we are after him to catch up. Okay, Mihalis. Water, water! We're tired. Let's get some rest. I can not stand it anymore. We can't stop here. It is very dangerous. Let's. Oh, effort. We have little way left. Let's. We will die from exhaustion. Come on, come on, come on. Let's. Let's. Come on come on come on. Oh, effort. There is little left. Let's. Come on. Did you think you could get rid of me Ertuğrul Bey, huh? You are my most precious slave. I don't want your hair to hurt. So surrender. Not you, I wouldn't be captured if the whole world came together. Snag. -How's. -We can't leave you. Avoid! Do not harm Turk. He got me alive. My gentlemen! My Guys! The issue came out of the peace of the oba…… it touched the case of our informal Ertuğrul Bey. Selling the market and migrating to lands far from these lands that we watered with our blood…… giving up the case of our Ertuğrul Bey. He tells it very true. He says right. If this is the case, another toy will be required. What toyu Artuk Bey? Beyme toyu Hayme Hatun. We, Mr. Dundar, have been Bey to protect our Ertuğrul Bey's case. However, he intends to return from the case. While this is the case, its principality is not legitimate. (Speech sounds in a row) How about you Artuk Bey? Bey upset your decision? If there is someone who revolts, you are Dundar Bey. You rebel against a big case, not a person. - Tells the truth. -Tells it right. -Tells it right. -Yes, it tells the truth. (Breath sound) Let's say we set up the to…… Is there any suitor to come across Dündar Bey? (Whispering voice) There is Hayme Hatun. To pursue my Ertuğrul Bey's case…… I am a suitor to the principalityArtuk Bey, how about you? Let's see. Attack! Artuk Bey was chosen as the ceremony ceremony. What about asking for the principality again? When injustice enters through the door, Hayme Hatun goes out of the chimney. Dündar Bey took refuge in his power and made a decision. However, contrary to the case, the decisions taken are not legitimate to the ceremony. When this is the case, it is my most natural right to ask for a beylik. Artuk Bey is right. Ertuğrul Bey's path is not back. What toe? Our Ertuğrul Bey was martyred. We have to think about the future of our obese and our children. (Talking voices in a row) If…… I do not think that if the beylik toyu is not made, it is degraded. He takes the gentlemen and the Alps with me with me… I do not comply with Dündar Bey's decision. (Male) Must be followed. It doesn't work like that. This issue also brings out the plague. There must be a middle ground. Obviously you don't think of the peace of the obe Artuk Bey. But I think. From Atam Oğuz Han to my brother Ertuğrul Bey…… just as the beylik toe was properly established… even on the most demanding days…… it will be re-established on a suitable day. Let the preparations begin. No intention ... May Allah not disturb our life…… hopefully. Hopefully. May it bring you good luck and good luck to you, Artuk Bey. (Whispering voice) How many traders are in the market? The number is uncertain. However, both the laws of Ertuğrul Bey and the fact that it is at the extreme end of the market…… are attracting customers and traders. However ... Well, the income of the inn is good? It is good, Hazrat Emir. For those who know the business, this place is a rare blessing. Superb. Then it is up to us to do our best to expand the market. You will be my eyes and ears in the market, Aleko.

I expect constant information from you. You understand? You will command Emir Hazretleri. Excuse me. Why did Simko give me Marya huh? Talk. Talk, otherwise I will make you here and throw you down from the wallsI was his slave. You took me from it and gave me a new life. I'm a poor girl. Ornamental. What do you know about Ertuğrul? Talk. Tell me. I don't know anybody named Ertuğrul. Why did Simko give you to me? Why did he put you in this castle? What do you know about Ertuğrul Marya? Where's Simko? I swear I don't know anyone like that. Simko has a man. His name is Antheus. (Breath sound) I heard that they found a Turk who was dying on the road…… while telling Simko. and they will make a lot of money. (Breathing voice) I beg. I don't know anything else. I don't even believe a word you said Marya. I don't believe in any of them. Where's Simko? I swear I do not know. (Coughing sound) (Shouting sound) (Music - Thriller) Soldier! Call a doctor immediately. -Now! -Yes, sir. Mother, you are the crown of our heads. Your word is above all important. I would like to know what you think about the immigration issue. (Sighing voice) Come sit next to me. (Breath sound) The quarrels in the toy made me very nervous, son. Going is not a good sign. If the fire of conflict falls on our obese, we will be cluttered. That's why I want the market to be sold and immigrated. I want to be one of my brothers. Otherwise, we will be patched at the tip. You're right, son. (Sighing sound) The force arises from unity. I think the fact that the apricot is one. (Breathing voice)

Then why are you so thoughtful, mother? Is there something that doesn't stop? Look son. We came here to be the hope of cruel fear…… to the oppressed. Ertuğrul and us have a lot of effort. I say if we send a messenger to their brothers… if we call them here…… if they don't come, then if we go to them…… I think about how. What do you say? My desire in the matter of immigration is to make our mothers one. I don't think my brothers will come here. Because they have taken root there. But…… how can I leave my Ertuğrul's grave here and go? (Music - Sad) Do not worry, mother. I'll send a messenger. I will do what you say. You get it right, son, you get it right. Excuse me, master. (Music - Sadness) (Crying sound) (Music continues) (Music - Action) (Shouting sound) (Sword sounds) Ertuğrul Bey. You will soon find out who set you trap. When the time comes, they will all get their share of my anger. This way. (Door opening sound) It's having a shock. His condition is not good at all. I don't even care what it is. You will keep him alive enough to speak. Or I'll throw you down the walls, you see? I'll bring it to you, sir. Help me. Let's go to bed. Be careful. Shake. - Sir. -Tell me. I sent our best fighters to help Mihalis. When Mihalis attacks, Ertuğrul will realize that he is chasing him. Ertuğrul does not know that it is me who set a trap for him yet. What if he finds out? Lukas will die before Ertuğrul arrives. Or he will go with his oba. We are going to war. I am also tired of this hypocritical peace agreement. We cannot exclude Turks from this land without blood flowing like a gutter. Gather commanders. Yes, sir. Commanders are waiting for you in your room. (Lukas) The door. -Yaşıy is! -Ertuğrul Bey is alive! Thank God. -We are grateful to you, Ertuğrul Bey. - Ertuğrul Bey! -You live! -Thank god. Thank goodness, Ertuğrul Bey. We are grateful to you, Ertuğrul Bey. You saved our lives. Thank you. Thank you. It is time for us to leave informally. All of you come to your families and loved ones. -No no. -No. After what you did for us… we cannot leave you alone, Ertuğrul Bey. Right. We cannot leave you alone, Ertuğrul Bey. You are good guys. But their problem is with me. My way is tough. You cannot bring custody. Arrive to your loved ones. -No. -No. This is my war. Teach us to fight, Ertuğrul Bey. Let's learn that when we meet our loved ones and families…… we can protect ourselves and them. This is now our war, Ertuğrul Bey. Without you, our life would have been paddling on ships. You saved our lives. We won't leave you alone. -Yes. -Yes. They have horses. It's a matter of time before they find us. We can't escape their hands. If you want to stay with me ... -Yes. -Yes. … Then we will set them up. Is it trap? Is it trap? How? How will this work? We will attract them wherever we want. None of us even have a sword. Sometimes even a stone can overcome a pusat.

 You should know that every piece we throw…… will take another link from the chain of captivity…… will bring us one step closer to freedom. -Yes true. - That's right. Yes. We will not be captured. Yes! We will not be zelil. Yes! We will not surrender. Yes! We have one word. Courage against the cruel…… freedom against captivity. Yes! (Door opening sound) The presence of the Sultan's crown depends on the vizier divit. If I close the cover of the Divit, his reign will disappear. What a beautiful saying, the great command of the Seljuk, Nizâmülmülk. End of aunt was sad. Say Göktuğ. Dündar Bey was on his way, Hazrat Emir. It was coming to your peace. Hmm. Since he came so quickly, he must have convinced his oba. Superb. Send news to Bahadır Bey immediately. May he come too. Both meet

Dundar and talk about the agreement. Is it so fast Emir Hazrat? We don't have time to lose Göktuğ. The caravans from Konya and Kayseri have already set off. The market thesis should be sold and the order that I wish for should be established. It should be established that the market is magic. You will command Emir Hazretleri. (Door opening sound) (Door creaking sound) (Door creaking sound) (Door closing sound) (Bird chirping sounds) They may not have gone too far. Traces are going this way. Ertuğrul is not alone, there is someone else beside him. They must have gone to the slaves who fled. Be vigilant. Remember that we are after one of the greatest warriors of the Turks. We are going. (Music) (Footsteps) (Bird chirping sounds) (Baby crying sound) Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Are horses ready to go to Aslıhan's oba, Halime? It is notified when it is ready. (Music) Neslihan! Pour it, my daughter. (Music - Sad) You are the wife of Süleyman Şah ... ... you are the mast of Kayı Obası. How many storms did not dissipate you ... ... when the borans did not wash you ... ... how can you not stand against Dundar Bey's decision while we are holding our obesity and our bed? (Breath sound) Look girl. Dündar Bey is the pole of our bed, the brain of our obese. He made a decision to prevent us from falling apart. Mother, we came to these lands to get a home. Not to leave and leave. We have blood, blood and sweat in these lands. We have efforts. We have hope. There is Ertuğrul in the tomb of this oba. (Crying voice) We can't leave them and go anywhere. What do you think I'm doing other than thinking about you? My daughter, don't you see, our house is getting worse? Neither Dundar nor Süleyman Şah, nor Ertuğrul. They saw the day, they survived many things.

Dundar is a seed. He is not good enough to lift such a wood, will you? You exist, mother. We exist. If we take the burden on the back of the unofficial world, evelallah. Oh girl! Ah! You're not understanding, are you? After Ertuğrul, this place has become a land for us, not a dormitory. Mother! Both ... ... and you're not in a hurry. I spoke to Dündar. He will send a messenger to his brothers. He will invite them here to be together. How do you believe this, mother? Sungur Tekin Bey and Gündoğdu Bey have been striving for years ... ... How do they leave the place and migrate here? We need to go to Aslıhan as soon as possible. He needs us. (Music - Sadness) (Baby crying sound) (Music - Sadness) (Music) (Bird chirping sounds) (Music) (Bird chirping sounds) (Music) (Bird chirping sounds) (Howling sound) This ash ... Ertuğrul Bey will stop the blood flowing from the opening wound. (Music) (Bird chirping sounds) (Howling sound) (Howling sound) (Howling sound) Thank you Pito. (Music) (Bird chirping sounds) - Wrap the chips well, tightly. -OK. Sharpen the tip of the branches well. The crows must pierce the enemy's flank. (Music) (Bird chirping sounds) Why do you cry? I gave up when I fell into Simko's hands. I surrendered to slavery. Thanks to you, I had the courage to return to my children. Ertuğrul Bey, God bless you. May he make you loved ones. (Music) (Bird chirping sounds) From Allah ... ... we will fight without losing our hope. You should know ... ... Allah is with us. -God bless you. God bless you, Ertuğrul Bey. 

Ares found our mark, Simko. He learned who you are too. Either we will take our freckle gold coins and get out of this sinister place ... ... or they will hunt us one by one. Look at me! We will find Ertuğrul and get our gold. (Simko) Because Simko never gives up. It never gives up. And he never loses. We will be rich with so much gold that we cannot see in our lifetime. (Simko) The most beautiful dishes of the world ... ... the best wines ... ... and the most beautiful women will be ours. (Simko) Do you understand? Do you understand? Hurray for gold! (Always mouth) Hurry for Simko! Come here. You just get on your horse and go to Antheus. Gather how many men you have and send it here. Walk. I will find you Ertuğrul. I swear I'll find you. Haha. (Horse sounding) (Music) (Horseshoe sounds) (Music) (Horseshoe sounds) They went this way. We are going. Deh, deh. (Horseshoe sounds) (Howling sound) (Music) (Breath sound) As you said, I left a mark everywhere, Ertuğrul Bey. Sooner or later they will fall on our lap. Thank you. It is time. You will not take your eyes off your enemy. Not dying, not life ... ... not fear ... ... you dream of meeting your loved ones. (Ertuğrul) Now ... everybody hide in the places I say. Hide it so that when they come, let them squat like a lightning bolt at a moment they never expected. -Lets. Come on. Hurry, come on. -Lets. Sir, God bless us all. Thank you. (Music) Let's see if they're baseless. The last light you will see will be the pus of my pusat. (Music) (Bird chirping sounds) (Footsteps) (Footsteps) (Flame sounds) (Breath sound) (Breath sound) Did you persuade Oban? Artuk Bey is rebellious with the issue of market and immigration. He accuses me of returning from my brother's case. How dare you! What was the problem? He wanted the beylik toe again and he aspired to the beylik. Wow Wow wow! Look at everything that Artuk eats. After Ertuğrul Bey's death, he found the square empty and ... While the son of Koskoca Süleyman Şah is standing still. Do not worry, Maya. I got your back. Thank you Emir Holiness. I have no doubt for him. So, why is this your hesitation? My mother wouldn't be willing to go from here. My brothers want to come here. Do you think Dundar will return from the lands they deserve and hold home with their bravery, loyalty to the Sultan? You don't worry. When he gets his sons, all the problems of Hayme Hatun are over. (Music) Emir Hazret, Bahadır Bey came. Ya! Come, come. (Music) (Tapping sounds) Garda of the late Candar Bey, Bahadır Bey. Son of the late Süleyman Şah, Mr. Dundar. (Hand tapping sound) (Hand tapping sound) I had the honor of getting to know your father. Now ... I'd be honored to meet his valiant son. Thank you Bahadır Bey. In the combat you entered with our Sultan, there is no one who does not hear your bravery. Sit down, sit down. (Music) (Horseshoe sounds) (Horses sounding my horse) Traces are fresh, they walk this path. They should be right in front of us. Let's see if you have as much as they say Ertuğrul? Yah! Yah! (Horse sounds to my cousin) They are coming Ertuğrul Bey. Let them come, Pito. We will not put the blood of the oppressed they killed on the ground. We will make them vomit blood. Come on. (Music) Kayılar operated the Hanlı Pazar properly. Dündar Bey pulled as much as he could. But this is trade. When things went wrong, he showed will and decided to sell. We know the honesty of the apricots.

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You give it to me, let me tell the enemy to the friend and the enemy! When the time comes, it happens too, son. But now you will dominate your anger. You will be ... ... when the time comes ... ... whoever can not master his / her hand ... ... see the account! These things are rotten, sir. What hell did we fall into? I am afraid that they will be upon us as we silence. Hat, don't you know the brain? Can't you see what happened? Father! How can we be silent because the state's command is willing to accept this imperfection? If my arm was broken, he wouldn't touch my blood as much as he did to you. I can't bear it. Not now, Sancar! Not now! Leave your anger on mane. Let it come back as a storm! (Music) (Bird chirping sounds) Walk! Ha! Let's! Ha! (Horseshoe sound) Walk! (Music - Thriller) (Horse to my farting voice) Deh! (Horse sounding to my horse) Damn animal! Bari, it's the last time. Surprise Ertuğrul's way for me. Let me see you Deh! (Throw in my horse) Walk! (Music - Tension) (Horseshoe sounds) (Speech sounds) God thank you, my Lord. (Speech sounds) (Music) Do not think that you will stay with Turgut Alp. My breath will always be in your neck. I have nothing to deal with you. Your anger has gone without eating your head. I'll beat you, Turgut. (Nasal breathing voice) The language of the father to answer ... ... has no hand to ask for an account ... ... sent his lamb after me, huh? (Assault voice) This is the language that unbelievers like you will understand, Turgut Alp. If the brain gets up and comes out of your grave, it won't take you away. (Assault voice) (Moaning voice) (Always one mouth) Aaa! (Breath sound) I will crawl you with my own hands, Turgut. You will crawl out of this oba. Come here. Come on. (Beats) (Music - Action) (Horseshoe sounds) (Music - Tension) (Music - Tension) (Breathing sound) Damn. How is that possible? (Groan sound) (groan sound) (groan sound) Where is Ertuğrul? He survived. How does an injured man do this alone? He was not alone. He formed an army of slaves. Where did they go? Simko… Simko caught them. Where did they go? (Groan sound) They went this way. Hurry up. We are going. What happens, don't leave me. Take me too. Do not leave. (Moaning sound) (Minting sounds) (Sword sounding) (Sword sounding) (Music - Action) (Minting sound) Enough! Turgut, Sancar Bey! What a nuisance! What do you look at? Why didn't you stop that alpine head? My Sancar Bey made a disrespect…… by punching our alpine head back to back. (All together) Yes, he tells the truth. He started the fight. He started it! We are not involved in this fight. (Man) We don't get involved in this fight! Notify your son. Otherwise I know how to report. This is how you memorize it. Enough! It is Sancar Bey who does not know his limits. Turgut Alp. Head to my alps and companions in your wars…… all Rye are grateful to you. Don't let your wrist bend Turgut Alp, let your back come to the ground! Don't let your wrist bend Turgut Alp, let your back come to the ground! Don't let your wrist bend Turgut Alp, let your back come to the ground! Don't let your wrist bend Turgut Alp, let your back come to the ground! Don't let your wrist bend Turgut Alp, let your back come to the ground! Don't let your wrist bend Turgut Alp, let your back come to the ground! (Music - Thriller) Deh! We did not hand over the banner to the enemy, we did not drop it on the ground, Aslıhan Hatun. (Music) May your gas be blessed, valiant. May Allah make our martyrs a heavenly place. Do not give you or our state…… our country. (Always one mouth) Amen. (Music) (Steel sharpening sound) Ah Turgut. There is no peace for me ... without burying you next to Ertuğrul. Order Holiness. A letter came from our Sultan. Read. You are my command, Sadeddin. If the kinship of a state that deserves to be named for seven heifers is trapped by the cocks, it is asked to account. For how long do I expect you to know? But your language has become a word, you are silent. If the account is not asked, those who do not ask are plagued. You can ask my flight account in thesis time. (Breathe voice) His Holiness ... It is time to ask for an account from Ertuğrul's murderers Göktuğ. When Bahadır Bey bought the market…… we will tell our sultan that Ares set a trap in Ertuğrul and killed him… (Music - Tension) Sir, a letter came to the pen from the emperor. Your soldiers brought it here. (Ares outside voice) It is a wise move to partner with Emir Sadeddin and Hanli Pazar. (Ares outside voice) We will send you a trader who knows the job you want from us for the market. (Ares outside voice) With him, you will make the market inoperative. (Ares external voice) When the Turks become exhausted…… we will act with our great army and destroy them. (Ares outer voice) You have the power and reason to accomplish bigger things. (Ares outside voice) Our religion and our holy emperor ... ... expect great services from you. Come, Ertuğrul, come. Let's see how you will survive this time. (Music - Thriller) (Music - Action) Horseshoe tracks go this way. But it may have been a game. As you said, Ertuğrul Bey. Footprints also go this way. He cannot go far on foot. Let's go after it. Thesis brave to horses. This way. (Horse farting sound) (Horse farting sound) (Music - Tension) This is Ertuğrul. Notify Commander Lukas immediately. I wouldn't want such an event to happen in your presence. But… You are not getting slim. He will be minded in Turgut. If he becomes irregular again…… he knows that the dagger will be stuck in his heart, not his shoulder. (Sadeddin) May you be good. Only, Sancar Bey… ... his blood flows crazy.


Turgut is also wild. You pay attention. I don't want to harm your only son. Let my son's hair be damaged, not to bring Turgut to death ... Uhulet and genius suhulet. First of all, it is necessary not to let go of this. Especially if Dundar is chosen as a gentleman, take Hanlı Pazar…… Turgut's turn comes. Ha? You don't worry. There is no order after you are in charge, Emir Hazretleri. (Breathing voice) Let the thesis oban come to the gentlemen. As a victorious gentleman who aspires to Hanlı Pazar…… let the thesis convince them of the principality. Aslıhan will take power from Turgut's arrival and continue his feet. You don't have it. You should tell your gentlemen that he took the consent of Emir Sadeddin for his extreme principality. Gayri Aslıhan should not remain in that place. May Allah not impair our state… (Music - Tension) (Door opening sound) Thank you Artuk Bey. Juda garda ... ... garda, what are we still standing here? Dress up and shatter the hills. Bamsı, that's enough. While we have so much trouble, we cannot open bigger troubles. Nobody else will know about this issue in this place. Yahu garda, garda, how about you? Shall we let the snake at the tip of our nose grow? It is necessary to crush before we can… all of us stick. Bamsı, don't you know that the head of that snake is Emir Sadeddin, huh? It was he who brought Bahadır here. God knows, it is he who takes the market. They do whatever they can to keep us all from here. If we do not take our precaution, we are not theirs, they will crush our heads Bamsı. First of all, we will stand before Dündar Bey. Well, What will we do if Dündar Bey is selected in the toy? Let's make our decision now. Let us know that we know what to do. Even if Dündar Bey is elected, we will not leave here. Without taking the revenge of our Ertuğrul Bey…… without throwing the dust of those bastards into the sky…… there is no step even from here. We do not return from this land, nor from the case of our brain. (Punch to the table) (Breathing from the nose) Aslıhan Hatun…… the Rye Alps with us are also with us. We are not alone. Alps! Every way is unbelievable to us ... without opposing our state and our ceremony. (All together) Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Artuk Bey. (Sound of wind) (Music) (Music) (Music continues) (Music continues) (Music - Emotional) Ertuğrul. Did you return? (Breath sound) (Music - Emotional) (Nose pull sound) (Nose pull sound) (Music - Emotional) Ertuğrul. Do not go! (Music - Tension) Do not go Ertuğrul. Do not go! (Breathing voice) Don't go. (Breathing voice) My Lord…… I am unconscious. Let me be your victim, give me strength. (Sniffing sound) Give strength. (Crying voice) (Music - Sad) (Nose-pulling voice) Whatever I have in my hand, you got everything Ertuğrul. What have I got, what I have, I have lost everything. You will pay very hard for this. Ares will also find trouble. (Nasal breathing voice) I will be very rich thanks to you, too. Did you think the dark could hide you? (Music - Thriller) Horseless. Let's wrap it around. We will not let him escape. (Music - Thriller) (Music - Action) (Sword pulling sound) (Music - Action) We met again Ertuğrul Bey. (Laughter) They used to call you a very dangerous man. I underestimated you. You haven't paid the price of underestimating me, Simko. You too, Ertuğrul Bey. You too. I saved your life. How quickly you forgot. You owe me! What do you want in exchange for saving my life? Gold. I want gold, Ertuğrul Bey. What else would I want? Look, let's make a deal with you. You give me the gold I want…… and I will tell you who set the trap. (Laughter) Ha? (Arrow shot sounds) (Moaning sound) (Sword sounds) (Music - Thriller) (Sword sounds) Kill them all. Do not leave any of them alive. (Sword sounds) (groan sound) Ah! Aaa! (Moaning sound) (Sword sounds) (Sword sounds) (Sword sounds) (Music - Tension) (Mints sounds) (Sword sounds) (Music - Tension) (Sword sounds) (Mints sound) Simko has escaped. He was ready to tell everything to save his life. Do not worry Atsız, there is someone else to tell. I pour blood into my room, and the unfortunate that Sancar does ... But if you break the peace again ... ... I will send you from my obama, Bahadır Bey. If you called here to threaten… I wouldn't be under it, you should know. I came here with a state decree. No one can afford to send me here. Bahadır Bey will not benefit you from taking shelter in Emir Sadeddin's shadow. I am the chick of this oba. Whatever I say it happens. This oba is mine too. I will be my master at thesis time. (Music - Tension) By time, you put your back on Ertuğrul and crushed it. Now you trust Turgut and Kayi. But it is futile. Ertuğrul Bey would have gone astray of the state and right. (Aslıhan) It is obvious who you are following. I will not deliver this oba to you. We will see Aslıhan Hatun, we will see. When Kayılar chooses Dündar… neither you nor theirs will have any judgment here. Not Turgut, even if Ertuğrul is resurrected…… he will not be able to keep you at the head of this obsession. This is how you memorize it. Door. (Door opening sound) (Music - Tension) (Wild animal sounds) (Cough sound) It started to come to itself. (Moaning voice) (moaning voice) (moaning voice) So you wake up. (Ertuğrul) Come on. Eat a bite of something. Gather your strength. You will have a lot to tell me. I have nothing to say to you Turk. Don't be so sure. I've no hurry. Until you speak ... ... we will keep this place with my friends. I don't know who. Our only concern was gold. (Male) You came out without a sack. (Male) I hit the wrong rock. Kill me and this will be over. It's not that easy! Death would be salvation for you. (Owl voice) (Music - Thriller) Now tell me ... ... who sent you after me? We were after gold with my men. (Male) Don't you understand? (Male) We saw the guy burning a fire. Just as he was going to attack him ... ... you left. (Fist sound) Who sent you after me? I swear by Jesus. (Male)

I don't know you. I told you for gold. Who is the master that Simko wants to sell me ... (Ertuğrul) Tell me ... ... who sent you to kill Simko and me! I swear I do not know. I don't understand what you're saying. (Fist sounds) (Howling sounds) (Music) (Bird chirping sounds) (Wind sound) My decision is fixed. Hanlı Pazar will be sold to a valiant Turkish brain, where Emir Sadeddin is the guarantor. Then ... ... Gündoğdu and Sungur Tekin ... You thought, I am Dundar Bey. This is the correct one, sir. - (Always a mouth) He says right. -Hayırl is. - (Always a mouth) Good. - No, sir. -Hayırl is. He says right, right. What is the direction of Artuk Bey? My direction, the struggle, it is patience, diligence and gaza. My direction is to keep Ertuğrul Bey's case alive. Right, right. It is not for the benefit of our obese. UnAdIr evil. -Tells it right. - He says it right. -Tells it right. -Alptekin tells the truth. -Tells it right. Our Artuk Bey is right. - Artuk Bey tells the truth. -Our brain says right. -Our brain is right. - This is a place of torch Artuk Bey. These words that you made do not suit a gentleman like you. The blood of Ertuğrul Bey flows in my veins. (Always one mouth) He tells the truth. Who can run his ceremony better than me? Mr. Dundar, you say that we should ignore all our labor and cause and immigrate. This is neither from erlik nor from Ertuğrul Bey's ceremony. -You say it right. -Tells it right. (Overlapping conversations) -No thing like that! - (Hayme) My gentlemen! My Guys! Now Bey ... ... Dundar Bey too ... ... they have revealed their direction. (Hayme) After that ... ... is the opinion of you gentlemen. Whichever is good for our obese. -Amine. -I wish the best. -I wish the best. I hope it will be good. -I wish the best. -I wish the best. - No matter what's good. (Sounds of bird chirping) (sound of water) (sound of breath) (sounds of bird chirp) (sound of breath) (sound of breath) Hell, Ertuğrul! Beautiful. So you know my name. Are you going to say that you still don't know me? I killed the soldiers serving their master one by one and sent a letter to him with a pigeon. He sent you to me, right? Where was that pigeon going? Whose was it? Nothing will come out of my mouth except blood, Ertuğrul. So you're loyal to your master, huh? Let's see how loyal you are. (Shouting voice) (Moaning voice) Your master's faithful fist, you will speak! (Moaning voice) I will not speak even if you kill Ertuğrul. (Shouting voice) (groaning voice) Stop now! (Ertuğrul) You will talk! Who sent you? (Shouting voice) Ares! (Breath sound) Commander Ares. It will be the death of you and all the Turks. He will trap you and pass the Alps through the sword ... ... as well as all the women and children. All of you will be erased from this land. I will put Karacahisar Castle, where he rests his back, on the head of the master. (Moaning voice) Whoever dares to wipe the Turk out of these lands ... ... I will grave these lands on them. (Music) Those who want Artuk Bey to be Kayı Bey? (Music) (Music) Those who want Dündar to be the Kayı Bey? (Music) Toyun's decision is obvious. (Hayme) Dündar Bey ... ... was decided to be Kayı Bey. Unfortunately, the sword, the law ... ... are under the will of Dündar Bey. May our obese be auspicious. (Always a mouth) Good luck. (Always one mouth) Obama be auspicious. Good luck, gentlemen. -Best wishes. - Good luck to our sentence. (Always a mouth) Good luck. - Good luck, sir. -Eyvallah. -Dündar Bey, good luck. -You won't say anything, Artuk Bey? Anyhow ... ... you are managed like that. (Music) May the signs come. (Music) (Tapping sounds) (Music) (Music) (Music in progress) Blessed son. Thank you main. (Always one hand) Good luck to Mr. Dundar. (Always a mouth) Good luck, sir. To our sentence, gentlemen, to our sentence. Bey is one head per tent from my tree. (Always a mouth) God bless you, sir. Han will be sold ... ... and Kayılar will be once again at the very least. Let everyone be heard like this. (Always a mouth) Good luck, sir. Thank you, thank you. Let's go to our path without horse. Ares has already known my absence as an opportunity and injured our poets. We have no time to lose. You learned everything, Ertuğrul Bey. What are you going to do? The way of conquest was opened to us informally. I will take Ares's head and send it to the emperor. If necessary, I will not put stones on stone in Karacahisar Castle. I will infiltrate the castle and collect information for you. You know, Ertuğrul Bey, I am with you until I give my last breath. Thank you Atsız. Yigitler, get to the thesis İlbey. Let him know that Ertuğrul Bey is on the safe track. (Music) (Bird chirping sounds) (Horseshoe sounds) (Horse sounding) (Music) (Horseshoe sounds) (Foot sound) (Music - Tension) What happened, did they come? No sir, we keep looking at the roads. No one has arrived yet. (Shouting voice) Both will eventually come here. They will come here I'm going to have them both sword. You go back! You will let me know as soon as you see them coming! Now! Yes, sir. (Music) (Footsteps) (Bird chirping sounds) Soon ... ... the tracks of apricots will be removed from these lands. (Bahadır) Fortune has come to us in the golden tray. We will remove the dead soil on the rye evelallah. (Hand tapping sound) (Always a mouth) Thank you sir. (Music) (Cover opening sound) Bismillah. What is this? A chest of gold! The roar of the coarse tree is bough with the bough ... ... the brave brave. We will take Hanlı Pazar and become the richest and strongest oba. (Always one mouth) Hopefully. Our glory will walk with our property, our property, our army, our obey. We believe in you, Bahadır Bey. When will you get the market, sir? I expect news from Kayı Obası. When Dundar Bey becomes the Kayi Bey, I will take Hanli Pazar. (Male) Is there a destur, sir? There are, you come. (Hand tapping sound) Mr. Kayı news came, sir. Toy has been decided. Dündar Bey became the new master of Kayı Obası. (Music) (Laughter sounds) The informal handover ... ... turned to us. I will do my part and take Hanlı Pazar.


You too should do your part and ask for the masterpiece. (Always a mouth) Thank you sir. It's time to shake the lands of the shroud with Rye raids ... ... to plant the Rye banner on the enemy horoscope ... ... to become the richest oba. Now you can make your decision. Will you continue with Aslıhan Hatun ... ... and continue to listen to your obese? Or are you going to be with me and sing all over? Of course. Good luck. I thought so, too. (Gold sounds) (Music) (Gold sounds) (Gold sounds) (Gold sounds) (Gold sounds) (Music) (Horseshoe and farting sounds) Aa! (Music) (Horseshoe sounds) (Wind sound) (Overlapping speeches) (Music) (Hand tapping sounds) (Breath sound) (Bird chirping sounds) With the permission and grace of Allah Almighty ... ... ... Solomon Shah's memory ... ... and my brother Ertuğrul Bey's trust ... ... are on my shoulders. (Woman) It is. Now it's entrusted. (Always one mouth) Long live Mr. Dundar! I'm Commandments. I will sell Hanli Pazar to a brave Turkish brain for a price that will revive us. (Always mouth) Aa! How come? You cannot sell the market! We don't sell the market! -How is that? - How is that possible? Mr. Dundar! Mr. Dundar! When until now ... ... We shed blood and sold the spoils we deserve so that we can sell it now? When did we ... ... flee the revenge of our martyrs and buried ... ... without looking after us, so let's run now? Do not exceed your limits, Bamsı! Do not exceed your limits! (Over-the-counter talks) We have no escapes from anyone. Then ... ... why do we hastily sell the market and fall into migration? What is this rush for? Will Ertuğrul Bey's blood remain on the ground? (Speeches in a row) How long has the brain command been questioned Turgut Alp? Beylik is right. Against the ceremony, our neck is thinner than hair. However, you should know that Dundar Bey ... ... we do not leave us behind ... ... where we give many martyrs and take root. (Speeches in a row) Especially ... ... we do not go anywhere without the revenge of my Ertuğrul Bey. (All together) We don't go! (Overlapping conversations) Our way is clear. My decision will not change. Whether you oppose the (Dündar) Ceremony and ... ... do not obey the decision of the brain ... ... be open in two worlds. (Always mouth) Aa! (Overlapping conversations) (Woman) Is this your respect and privilege to your brother? (Music) (Overlapping conversations) Will Oba be divided now? We can't go anywhere without the Alps. (Male) We will not leave our obes. (Music) (Overlapping speeches) (Music) (Overlapping speeches) (Bird chirping sounds) (Bird's wing sounds) (Music) (Music) You enter my room without waiting for destur ... ... and you sit in a mail! Get back now, Bahadır Bey! Immediately! Hi. I did not come to quarrel Aslıhan Hatun. Kayılar ... ... they chose Dündar. Now ... I go to buy the market. I talked to all the rye gentlemen. They all obey me. You can't resist any more. There is no thesis from tomorrow ... ... the ruling will change in Rye Obasi. Everyone kneels before me, will shout. You too ... ... do your last duty ... ... pick up the toy. Door! (Door opening sound) (Door creaking sound) (Door creaking sound) (Door closing sound) Aslıhan Hatun, what happened? Esma Hatun, Let the Alps be prepared. We are going to Kayı Obası. (Door opening sound) (Door creaking sound) (Door creaking sound) (Door closing sound) In the empty lion bed ... ... I will not shake the tail of foxes. Let it be ant ... ... I will last until my last breath. Emir Hazrets, the Damascus sword from the most skilful hands. (Fire crackling sound) Good. (Sword sound) (Music) Very good. Dundar deserved this. Exit! To Halal, Dundar. What he did, took the principality. Don't worry, Emir Sadeddin will always be with him. (Sword sound) It will be that you shoot two birds with one stone. (Music) (Door opening sound) (Door creaking sound) It will both get rid of Apricot ... ... and Ares. (Sadeddin inner voice) What else should you do Sadeddin? The circuit is turning Ertuğrul. Look. It is not dry noise. But the mind prevails. (Laughter) Your turn will be your turn, Aslıhan Hatun. Your turn will come as well. (Music) (Horseshoe sounds) (Sword sound) I will not let you be the first and biggest defeat in your life, Ertuğrul. What happened? Sir, there is news from Dündar Bey. What is he saying? He was re-elected in his oba. So they will sell Hanli Pazar today. Damn just in time! He invites you as a witness to represent the Greek merchants. I can't go anywhere without killing Simko and Ertuğrul. No news from Lukas? Not yet. They will come, both will come here. Open your eyes. Yes, sir. Great God ... ... help me. I face my enemy so that I can finish the job I left halfway through. (Music) (Horse farting and horseshoe sounds) (Music) (Horseshoe sounds) (Horse farting sounds) Halal your right. Halal, Ertuğrul Bey. The enemy is not comfortable with us without drying the evil marsh. It's time to pull your swords and wave the conquest banners. I am always with you, Ertuğrul Bey. I will be your eye and ear in Karacahisar. I am with you until I planted our blessed banner on the walls. Thank you. I hope we will dry the enemy's quagmire for Rıza-yı divine. Hopefully, Ertugrul Bey. May your blessing be blessed. Thank you. May the road be open Atsız. Your Ertuğrul Bey. Come on, thank you. Deh! Ha! Ha! (Bird chirping sounds) Did you see Aktolluklu? We have crossed the vast steppes. We crossed the rivers of magnificent and magnificent rivers. We did not perish from heart and blood. However, we could not cope with the games of the blind devil. We wished the bloody murderers ... ... the wrongdoers. We could not speak to our own garbage. Your heart is bigger than ours.